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I went to see Lesley with a painful hip that was limiting my walking. In the first session she was able to tell me what was causing my pain and carried out some hands on treatment that allowed me to leave the clinic virtually pain free.


Brilliant and easy to follow advice and exercises have meant that my symptoms haven’t returned and I’m back to my normal level of exercise.


Can’t recommend Lesley‘s expertise highly enough.


I am very happy to say that after a zoom meeting with Lesley during lockdown my upper back stabbing pain has gone completely .  The lower back pain which I was getting when getting up from sitting and bending  is also improved .  Such a relief - Thank you for your expertise and advice


"Using a computer all day at work I began to get a sharp pain in my elbow and lower arm. My doctor diagnosed Repetitive Strain Injury and recommended physiotherapy.

Alison proved to be a god send quickly easing the symptoms and recommending changes to the way I work as well as some strengthening exercises."

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